REACH Foundation

Currently only 25% of  Information Technology jobs are held by women. Early introduction to the world of coding can change that. 

The REACH Foundation began offering Tech Girlz club classes available to all PYLUSD 4th & 5th grade students. Our goal is to provide  4th and  5th grade girls a chance to explore and imagine a future in Tech!. 

We are pleased to partner with The Coder School of Yorba Linda for additional TechGirlz Club classes in fall of 2019 and Spring of 2020.

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This past school year the REACH Foundation supported Project Crystal Code. During Project Crystal Code, the new middle school program, students used online modeling software to design and code a computer simulation that shows how different components of Crystal Cove's ecosystem interact. They also built and coded sensors to collect data on how much moisture is in the soil. Students visited crystal Cove State Park's Moro Canyon to collect data for an ecological experiment on mulch decomposition, designed and managed in partnership with UC Irvine's Center for Environmental Biology. Back in the classroom, participants used data analysis software to analyze their data set and produce a recommendation for Crystal Cove State Park managers, advising them how to best protect Moro canyon in the future. 

Crystal Cove Conservancy - students learn real world environmental research practices conducted at a local state park by research scientists. 

TechGirlz Club 2018-2019

In 2012 the REACH Foundation

was established to provide students in the Placentia Yorba LInda school district the resources to expand their knowledge in the areas of Arts, Athletics and Academics. 

We believe that exposure to critical thinking through academics, creativity through arts, and a healthy well being through athletics will enable our students ​to reach their highest learning potential.